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Manu and Net, two village-based travel lovers from Kerala started Evergreen Vacations during covid 19 pandemic in 2020. We are always fascinated with the beauty and tranquility of the villages. Even though we worked and stayed in the cities, on every vacation, we escaped to country roads to regain and rejuvenate our soul and mind. The problems we faced on our journeys to villages are the true inspiration to start Evergreen Vacations. Villages are the most beautiful place, indeed! but we always faced some hardships to explore the unexplored due to the language barriers, lack of accommodation & transportation facilities, lack of internet and map service in many areas. Each time when we were in the middle of hurdles, we wished that if, someone from local is there to give companionship to make our journey more memorable and comfortable.

 That’s why we started Evergreen vacations to assist travelers who are especially interested in villages. We always felt that there is something special in villages which a traveler must not miss out on his journey. When everybody starts to close tourism activities due to international travel restrictions, we brought people to our villages from the nearby metropolis to show them the natural beauty, tranquility, customs, and the villager’s simple daily life. Our all customers were satisfied and many of them return to us with their families and friends to just relax and soak in village beauty. Even, we are not providing luxury trips, our guests are happy and contented with our packages. Our 10 unique village experiences are suitable for all types of travelers who love nature and village life.

As our tagline says “we focused on village tourism”, Our mission is to arrange the most memorable vacations for our Guests. We create memories for you with an ultimate passion for travelling. Our goal is to give the best travel experience to our customers in our unique village destinations in Kerala. Before selecting all of our destinations, I and Net went to those places and stayed there for a couple of days and made conversations with villagers, understand the local transport system, stayed in Homestays, and cover all areas as mentioned in our packages. Our tailor-made packages are our own experiences we got it from there. We can proudly say that all our packages, pictures, and narrations we made from our own experience in those villages by staying and exploring with locals. So now it’s your turn to experience it.

Responsible tourism

Our evergreen family deeply believes in responsible tourism, which can lead to the development of our destination and its people. From that, we can create a better destination for people to live and visit. We encourage local families to participate in our accommodation needs by providing basic training in accommodation management. We promote locally owned businesses, street vendors, tea shops, local transportation, and other all related services. Also, we encourage our local partners to adopt new trends in business and guest services to make sure our guests are getting an excellent service. As UNWTO says we would love to fix the goals to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. The benefits this will bring must be enjoyed widely and fairly. We always make sure it’s happening.

 Here right below are the links to see our packages and destinations. Enjoy your journey with us!

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Manu & Net
Founders-Evergreen Vacations